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school frontBlessed Sacrament School is nestled comfortably within the Eastwood community in Syracuse.  When you first step inside the front doors, you are immediately attuned to the positive atmosphere that you are entering.  We are proud to have provided academic excellence within a Catholic environment to our community since 1931.  Please feel free to visit us and experience first-hand the warm, caring, and nurturing atmosphere our school conveys.

Our school provides a Catholic education to children in Pre-School  through Sixth Grade.  Our faculty and staff is eager to help your child have a positive, productive and successful education.

Our School is your School.  Your aims and ours are the same, that your child succeed in school, enjoy learning and begin the process of growing to responsible Christian citizenship.

Together, with God's help, we hope to instill Christian attitudes in your child so that Christ will be alive to each child, today and everyday of their life.  We have a strong belief that cooperation between home and school will enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

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home3.jpgBlessed Sacrament School is a preschool through sixth grade Roman Catholic School founded by the sisters of St. Joseph Carondelet in 1931.    As the primary educational ministry of the Blessed Sacrament Parish, we provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills to become moral evaluators, problem solvers, descicion makers, and socially responsible global citizens.  In partnership with family, parish, and community, we provide an exceptional education rooted in Gospel values and invite our students to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We seek to promote a safe and positive atmosphere for learning, which emphasizes the whole child and challenges each child spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.  We empower our students to live their faith with compassion, integrity, and respect for all life and the diversity of our rapidly changing world.

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home5.jpgThe vision of Blessed Sacrament School is to lead children to understand themselves and the world in which they live, to enable them through spiritual, intellectual, social, health, and emotional growth to fulfill their responsibilities as persons and members of society under God. Our curriculum is designed to create a faith community and learning atmosphere enriched and alive with gospel values, high academic expectations, a sense of responsibility, and respect for all.

We strive to:

  • Make known to each student the person and message of Christ, a spirit of prayer and worship, and an understanding of the Church of Christ.
  • Provide each student with opportunities to develop moral and spiritual values, ethical standards of conduct and basic integrity.
  • Develop in each student a respect for the rights of other individuals and cultures and assist students in acquiring a sense of responsibility for the community in which they live and in the world community.
  • Enable each student to acquire basic skills, especially in the art of communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and to accept responsibility for self-evaluation and continuing self-instruction.

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As Catholic educators, it is our duty to develop in individuals all those competencies necessary to build integrated Christians.  Blessed Sacrament School constantly seeks to lead children to understand themselves and the world in which they live, to enable them through spiritual, intellectual, social, health, and emotional growth to fulfill their responsibilities as persons and members of human society under God.

Catholic School endeavor, in the words of Vatican II:  "to pursue cultural goals and natural development of youth.  But it has several distinctive purposes.   It aims to create for the school community an atmosphere enlivened by the gospel spirit of freedom and charity.  It aims to help the adolescent in such a way that the development of his own personality will match the growth of that new creation which he became by Baptism.  It strives to relate all human culture eventually to the new of salvation, so that the light of faith will illumine the knowledge which students gain of the world, of like and of mankind.

This can be accomplished when we understand and properly implement our own Christian philosophy of education.  To achieve this goal, the teachers of our school are persons of integrity and of sound religious convictions, capable of instilling in our children a sense of God, a sense of mission, and a sense of responsibility.

Blessed Sacrament School emphasizes a child-centered education by helping every child to develop spiritually, physically, psychologically, and socially.  This school strives to enable all children to develop to their fullest potential.

We believe in God the Father, who creates:  the son, whom brings reconciliation: and the Holy spirit, who sanctifies us.

Therefore, we believe:

  • that each child has self-worth.
  • that parents are the primary educators of their children
  • that teachers and staff members of Blessed Sacrament School have the vocations of assisting parents to fulfill their responsibilities
  • that the Church has an educational mission calling each to active faith in God and His revealed truth.
  • that the lessons of Catholic Education are learned in classrooms, church, homes and in the experience of living as a Catholic person of faith, actively engaged in the service of God, church, and neighbor.

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Objectives and Goals

Spiritual - Children learn to live a Christ centered life by:

  • experiencing the good news of Christ
  • developing in their lives a love for prayer and a desire to celebrate the liturgy and sacraments
  • using their Christian values to renew the structure of society by being of service to others

home2.jpgIntellectual - Children develop their intellectual capabilities by:

  • learning and mastering basic skills in the content areas
  • developing skills in communicatin, decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • exercising creative expression in an affirming atmosphere

Physical - Children develop physical growth by:

  • participating in physical activities
  • applying health and wellness knowledge in daily life

Psychological - Children develop a positive self-image by:

  • understanding their uniqueness and God's love for them
  • sharing in interpersonal relationships

Social - children learn social capabilities by:

  • becoming more independent, making thoughtful choices, and taking responsibility for their choices
  • sharing ideas and talents
  • become more aware of fellow students and adults as individuals of worth
  • accepting and appreciating the diversified background of others

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Mega-Skills and Standards To Live By

Our school is practicing Standards to Live By and Mega-Skills. These differ from regular school rules because they apply to all age groups in all situations.  We refer to them as the life skills.  They form the basis for agreement between teacher and students and among the students about behavior and expectations (social and academic).  We encourage you to learn about them and ask that you do everything you can to reinforce them at home:


  • Confidence - Feeling able to do it.
  • Motivation - Wanting to do it.
  • Effort - Being willing to work hard.
  • Responsibility - Doing what's right.
  • Initiative - Moving into action.
  • Perserverance - Completing what you start.
  • Caring - Showing concern for others.
  • Teamwork - Working with others.
  • Common Sense - Using good judgment
  • Problem Solving - Putting what you know and what you can do into action.

Standards to Live By:

  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Active Listening 
  • No Putdowns
  • Personal Best

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